Jacinda Barrett joins ‘The Following’


Jacinda Barrett (Poseidon, Zero Hour, The Real World season 4) joins The Following, the FOX mid-season series that stars Kevin Bacon as a former FBI agent and profiler who hunts his arch nemesis James Purefoy, a famous serial killer, and his cult of killers.

Other notable additions to The Following for season 2 include Keith Carradine (Nashville, Dexter) as a friend of Kevin Bacon’s, Jessica Stroup (90210) as Bacon’s NYPD niece, Connie Nielsen (Devil’s Advocate, Soldier) as a romantic interest for Bacon, Sam Underwood (Dexter) as a “dangerous young man”, and James McDaniel (NYPD Blue) as an FBI agent


The Following returns Monday, January 20, 2014 on FOX after the season finale of Sleepy Hollow.

Source: TV Line: Scoop: The Following Adds Suits’ Jacinda Barrett