Jacinda Barrett (Poseidon, Zero Hour, The Real World season 4) joins The Following, the FOX mid-season series that stars Kevin Bacon as a former FBI agent and profiler who hunts his arch nemesis James Purefoy, a famous serial killer, and his cult of killers.

Other notable additions to The Following for season 2 include Keith Carradine (Nashville, Dexter) as a friend of Kevin Bacon’s, Jessica Stroup (90210) as Bacon’s NYPD niece, Connie Nielsen (Devil’s Advocate, Soldier) as a romantic interest for Bacon, Sam Underwood (Dexter) as a “dangerous young man”, and James McDaniel (NYPD Blue) as an FBI agent


The Following returns Monday, January 20, 2014 on FOX after the season finale of Sleepy Hollow.

Source: TV Line: Scoop: The Following Adds Suits’ Jacinda Barrett

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  • CaneTheSutter

    I agree that this show is quite crappy…but I will keep watching to see if it gets better.

    It’s funny, before last series season it was the one that sound better on paper out of the three killers shows, bates motel, hannibal and this one, and it end actually being the worst one by far.

    And this actress….Zero Hour…UGH! last years worst show tied with Cult

  • reflecto

    Why does anyone watch this piece of shit? It’s TERRIBLE.

    • Tikkanen

      Terrible is a bit extreme. I like it because it’s dumb fun and I like Bacon vs. Purefoy.

  • Big Jim

    re: “Connie Nielsen (Devil’s Advocate, Soldier) as a romantic interest for Bacon,”

    That doesn’t bode well for Natalie Zea’s character. One could say “duh” since she got stabbed by nutso neighbour. However, Bacon got stabbed too, and he’s coming back. As is, apparently, James Purefoy who got blowed-up real good (but, I guess, not good enough).

    • Tikkanen

      Yeah, she’s a goner, but in a show like this, she could always show up in the many flashbacks. I’ll miss Roderick who I found deadly and amusing.