ABC’s Back in the Game has become the fifth casualty of the 2013 fall season, following Lucky 7, CBS’s We Are Men, and NBC’s Ironside and Welcome to the Family. The comedy featured Maggie Lawson (Psych), a 30-something divorcee who moves back in with her curmudgeony ex-minor league baseball player father played by James Caan (The Godfather, Thief).

The semi-autobiographical comedy was written by brothers Mark and Robb Cullen (Cop Out). Ratings weren’t that bad, as it averaged 7.2 million viewers with a 2.1 demographic rating in adults 18-49. (Usually 2.0 is the cutoff for renewal). Unfortunately, ABC felt it was losing too many viewers from its lead-in, The Middle, and was more expensive to produce than lower rated fare such as The Trophy Wife. Back in the Game will air out the rest of its original 13 episode order (six have aired so far).

Source: THR: ABC Orders Full Seasons of ‘The Goldbergs,’ ‘Trophy Wife’; ‘Super Fun Night’ Gets 4 More Episodes

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  • Big Jim

    That’s too bad, I’ve really been enjoying it. I can see why it would be more expensive than other 1/2 hour comedies, but couldn’t ABC maybe try it out in another timeslot? It’s getting decent ratings, but maybe it is just not a good fit with THE MIDDLE. Maybe try it after MODERN FAMILY, or switch it with TROPHY WIFE ?

    NBC would kill for a sitcom getting a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

    • DaftSkunk

      God help me, I actually liked the show too. A weekly dose of a cantankerous James Caan? Yes please. Also Lawson was easy on the eyes and bounced off Caan well. Strangely, this exact same thing happened to another ABC show I was really getting into — How To Live With Your Parents (dorky and awkward Sarah Chalke was hot and adorable, and Brad Garret and Elizabeth Perkins were perfectly cast). Both shows pulled in decent ratings, but got the axe anyway. And instead of being yanked right off the air, ABC still ran the remaining episodes. Which is weird because why didn’t they wait until NEAR THE END of the run of episodes to determine if it was worth keeping or not, and then fast track more episodes if the ratings held or got better? Dumbass suits.

  • Tikkanen

    Maybe with this show cancelled, Maggie Lawson will return to Psych, and there will be more than just the upcoming season left!