Disney Offering Replacement Discs for THE LITTLE MERMAID

Disney Offering Replacement Discs for THE LITTLE MERMAID

Disney will be offering replacement discs for The Little Mermaid Blu-Ray, which features an editorial mistake during the “Part of Your World” musical number (arguably the most important scene in the movie).

It is not yet confirmed if they will be replacing all three discs on the 3D set (DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D-Blu-Ray), or just the standard Blu-Ray — anecdotal evidence from contact with the company today indicates the replacement program is for the standard Blu-Ray only.

Meanwhile Amazon has privately confirmed they’re yanking the defective discs and replacing them.

To request a replacement disc, use the following information:


800-723-4763 (U.S.)

888-877-2843 (Canada)

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