Disney will be offering replacement discs for The Little Mermaid Blu-Ray, which features an editorial mistake during the “Part of Your World” musical number (arguably the most important scene in the movie).

It is not yet confirmed if they will be replacing all three discs on the 3D set (DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D-Blu-Ray), or just the standard Blu-Ray — anecdotal evidence from contact with the company today indicates the replacement program is for the standard Blu-Ray only.

Meanwhile Amazon has privately confirmed they’re yanking the defective discs and replacing them.

To request a replacement disc, use the following information:


800-723-4763 (U.S.)

888-877-2843 (Canada)

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  • Neil Turner

    Here is the response for UK customers which is basically a big F##K OFF

    Thank you
    for contacting Walt Disney Studios.

    In preparation for its Blu-ray release, The Little Mermaid went through an
    intensive re-mastering process. We do make every effort to ensure that our
    re-mastering process accurately reflects the original release to minimise
    consumer disappointment. However, unfortunately, a minor oversight led to
    a switch of two small cuts during the “Part of Your World” scene on
    this occasion.

    We do make every effort to ensure that our re-mastering process accurately reflects the
    original release to minimise consumer disappointment. Unfortunately, we
    are unable to offer a replacement disc in the UK and apologise for any
    inconvenience this may cause.

    Thank you for your vigilance in recognising this and we apologise for the mix up.

  • Neil Turner

    What about the UK or Europe, we never get replacement discs. Total Recall, West Side Story, My Fair Lady none had replacements and now it looks like its The Little Mermaid as well

  • theaaronbennett

    was this only the US Region A release, or worldwide?

  • Cotton_Mcknight

    I’m glad they are fixing it, and admittedly, I have never seen the movie. But the crying and the whining about this issue was ridiculous.I saw the glitch. So what? I doubt anyone would have even noticed if some 43 year old Little Mermaid Bronie dork hadn’t sit there with two TVs set up side by side watching the two versions. He made a made a video about it, posted it on YouTube, and here we are. Glad it happened, don’t get me wrong. But in the scheme of things, this is a very, very, very minor issue.

    • Frankenollie

      If a similar error had occurred with Lawrence of Arabia or Citizen Kane, the film community wouldn’t be shrugging their shoulders, they’d be crying bloody murder. Even catalog films as low as Manos the Hands of Fate deserve responsible treatment by those who present them on home video. No different than going to an art museum where a curator has taken apart a sculpture, and then re-assembled it with one of the pieces in the wrong place. They have a duty to correct it.

    • tomquartz

      It’s not unnoticable. To children maybe. But any person who loved this film when they were kids is now old enough to realize that Arielle has a lip-synch problem there Disney is in the business of selling dreams, by their own account. CARE is what they owe their public if they want to live up to that.
      I’m not a fan of that film. But my wife and daughter love it to bits. And they notice these things.
      If “the scheme of things” is larger than film, then you are right. But the outcry was only there WITHIN the film community, and that’s what we’re all here for.
      In the scheme of the filmmaking world, it is Disney screwing up. That’s a big thing.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Then maybe there’s some hope for those of us that want a Blu-Ray of the original theatrical cut of The Rescuers with the hidden nudity?

    • Frankenollie

      Nope. I have it on laserdisc, though. :)

    • MachoViper

      damn that’s funny

  • http://www.puckpropaganda.com/ Puck Propaganda

    Justice prevails.

  • Dasby

    See, people? Sometimes you don’t have to act like editing glitches in a bluray equal the end of the world. There were so many people absolutely vilifying Disney over this it got ridiculous. It was obvious from the start they would fix the problem and issue replacements.

    • Frankenollie

      I also knew Disney would fix the issue, but I also think the internet outcry and internet news coverage (go Talkbacker!) led them to fix the issue far sooner than usual. Pinocchio came to Blu-Ray missing some off-screen dialog, and the Mouse didn’t issue a replacement for well over a year (maybe even two years, don’t have the dates). I’ve had to use the replacement program several times in the past, it’s usually not something they announce in the first week.

      There is one exception – Roger Rabbit was recalled almost immediately over pan-and-scan issues with the DVD copy due to the internet outcry (I didn’t bother sending mine back – I already have the fantastic two-disc DVD set from a decade ago, and the DVD copy with the Blu-Ray was just a re-issue of the same disc from the DVD).

      • Cotton_Mcknight

        Worse yet, the people complaining about it were probably men. You see little girls crying about this (who this movie was intended for)? Nope.

        • Frankenollie

          Disney films are intended for pretty much everybody — that was Walt’s vision and intent. The art form was so expensive, he had to have a broad base, which is why he got kicked in the pants on occasion with more serious films like Fantasia and Bambi, or esoteric and art-driven films like Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty.

  • charliechapinfilmsin3d

    no surprise here.